Sadna Dezela - Fruit Land is a premium range of yogurts produced from Slovenian fruits and milk by Mlekarna Celeia. Together with the team at agency Pristop and some wonderful artists we created a campaign to promote its launch, designed the identity, packaging and promotional materials.

Client: Mlekarna Celeia
Agency: Pristop
Creative Director: Dominik Bagola
Art Director / Designer: Vida Iglicar
Photographer: Miha Bratina
3D Artist: Jaka Tavš

Get to know the story of Sadna Dežela - Fruit Land - premium yogurt line which intertwines locally sourced fresh milk, fruits and Slovenian quality. Apple, peach and pear wrapped up in yogurt freshness and excellent taste encourage us to revive flavours our grandmothers have told us about.

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