Self promotional project - Graphic branding and identity design for Vida Iglicar / Design & Illustration.
Includes my logo, business card, rubber stamp, letter, promotional magazine / portfolio, website.

My work has always been described as delicate. Also with high attention to detail. My favourite media is watercolours. My passion is lettering. Therefore a logo with pastel colours with a dominant sky blue that I like to use in particular and my initials joined together in a tangible form. Promotional magazine is bilingual - in English and Slovene, my mother language, with a hint of French. It was printed for promotional materials in June, to send out to industries and clients, as well as part of a professional practice module at the end of my studies at De Montfort University. Artworks in the magazine are projects from my portfolio.

Self promotional folder, which includes a tucked in business card, CV and bilingual magazine / portfolio.

Self promotional bilingual magazine. Printed in 50 copies.

My website :
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