M A J A   T S O L O   P H O T O G R A P H Y
I was happy to receive Maja's message, asking me to design a logo for her.
She is a Slovenian photographer, working and living in the UK. She told me she wanted something with a professional, finished look, something stylish, dynamic and female like. From the very beginning the plan was to design a longer and a shorter version of the logo.

Check out her works: www.majatsolo.com
Initial sketces.
Selected version and first colour combination.
Then Maja suggested, something with a more hand rendered touch, with more vibrant colours.
I was more than happy to use my watercolour and handrendering skills.
Solution #1
Solution #2
Final logo where I mostly worked on getting the right contrast in the colours and to achieve best readibility of Maja's name.

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