B O O K   O F   R E S U R R E C T I O N

Most of ideas still start with some sketching in a notebook. But due to various factors such ideas often remain on paper. Therefore, we designed New Year notebooks for Pristop in such way to encourage the realization and sharing of ideas. We created a platform bookofresurrection.com. Through it each recipient with a mobile phone can share their unimplemented ideas straight from the notebook. Sends it to all potential employees who can then contribute to the idea coming to life - may it be employees of the agency, our external colleagues and clients. Recipients will then decide whether to participate in the realization of the idea.
To make sure the flow of creativity does not stop, there is the sacred drink "Holy Spirit".

Pristop, 2015
Project manager: Petra Muth Zupanc, Nina Dremelj
Creative director: Aljoša Bagola
Art director: Matija Kocbek
Copywriter: Luka Bajs
Design: Matija Kocbek, Vida Igličar
Programming: Andrija Šulić
Illustrations: Vida Igličar

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