A L J A Z   H A F N E R

I am happy and proud to have Aljaz in my life as a friend, relative and to me most importantly - an amazing creative with whom I can always have insightful and oh so inspiring talks about creative processes.

 Aljaz asked me to work on his identity design years ago. The logo I created then still received outstanding feedback and often when people ask me to work with them refer to this logo as the one that made them choose me as a designer. So when Aljaz called me asking for an uplift of the logo I knew it was going to be a challenge. However, Aljaz had a vision in mind that fit perfectly with my style. He wanted the shape of the monogram to stay the same as it still worked perfectly, however make it in watercolour and have the name written by hand. Those of you who know my work will know this was a perfect brief for me. I could join my two great passions - watercolours and lettering.

Proud to present you the new version of the logo, a bit of creative process and how it works with Aljaz's beautiful photographs.
Take time and marvel at his work www.aljazhafner.com
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